Workplace Diversity

Ingham County encourages, but in no way requires, its vendors to develop and maintain a diverse workforce that is reflective of the population of Ingham County. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the statistics of Ingham County's population in 2010 was comprised of the following:

    A.    White persons - 76.2%
    B.    Black or African American persons - 11.8%
    C.    American Indian and Alaska Native persons - 0.6%
    D.    Asian persons - 5.2%
    E.    Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander - 0.1%
    F.    Persons of Hispanic or Latino origin - 7.3%

Ingham County tracks vendor diversity information for statistical purposes with companies with which it does business. Reporting of this information to the County is optional and not all companies participate. Statistical information regarding workplace diversity is submitted to the County in a separate sealed envelope containing the notation "STATISTICAL INFORMATION-NOT TO BE OPENED UNTIL AFTER THE AWARD OF THE CONTRACT."  Upon receipt of these separate sealed envelops, the Purchasing Department segregates the envelopes from the other bidding documentation.  The envelopes containing the statistical information are not opened until the award of the contract, and are not considered, in any way, in the award of the contract.