Local Purchasing Preference Policy

The Ingham County Board of Commissioners (BOC) believes that its purchasing policies should encourage local vendors to provide goods and/or services to Ingham County government, resulting in increased economic activity through more local jobs, tax revenues, and expenditures, and to entice business relocations to the County.  As such, in 2005, the BOC amending its purchasing policies to include a purchasing preference to qualified and registered local vendors who respond to formal bids or proposals for the purchase of goods and/or supplies, issued by the Ingham County Purchasing Department. In 2010, the BOC amended the policy to be within 10% of the lowest responsive bid as outlined below.

A “local vendor” is defined as a vendor that operates a business within the legally defined boundaries of Ingham County.  To be considered a local vendor, the vendor must provide a verifiable business address (not a PO Box) at which business is being conducted.  The vendor must also agree to comply with all other policies and requirements of the County.

The policy works by allowing a local vendor who submits a responsive bid that is within 10% of the lowest responsive bid to reduce its bid to meet the lowest responsive bid, and in doing so, be considered the lowest responsive bidder and awarded the contract, provided however, that the initial lowest responsive bid is not from another local vendor.

Where a local vendor submits a responsive proposal which includes a cost proposal which is within 10% of the cost of the lowest responsive proposal, shall be given the opportunity to reduce its proposed cost to meet the cost of lowest responsive proposal, and upon doing so, the proposal shall be evaluated as having a cost component which is the lowest; provided however, that the initial lowest responsive proposal is not from another local vendor.  Having the lowest cost proposal, however, does not necessarily result in the award of the proposal, because of other factors also being evaluated.

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