Living Wage

A. Overview of Living Wage: vendors contracting with the County primarily to perform services are required to pay their employees a "living wage" if the following two (2) conditions apply:

1. The total expenditure of the contract or the total value of all  contracts the vendor has with the County exceeds $ 50,000 in a twelve-month calendar; and,

2. The vendor employs five (5) or more employees.

Subcontractors providing services to the County who employs five (5) or more employees and where the total value of the contract(s) exceeds $25,000 are also required to pay a "living wage".

B. Living Wage Defined: an hourly wage rate which is equivalent to 125% of the federal poverty level. For 2022, the "living wage" is $17.34 per hour without benefits and $13.88 per hour plus 20% benefits. Twenty percent (20% or $3.46) of the "living wage" costs paid by the employer can be for an employee's health care benefits. This wage rate applies to part and full-time employees who work on County contracts.

C. Living Wage Exemptions: the following group of vendors and special conditions are exempted from paying "living wages":

1. Public Entities

2. Entities with 501(c)(3) status who have nine (9) or fewer employees.

3. Employees working under the terms of a collective bargaining agreement.

4. Contracts where County policy requires the payment of prevailing wages (construction contracts).

5. Programs designed specifically for high school and/or college students such as a bona fide training, summer or youth employment, work study, volunteer/public service, or internship programs.

6. Co-op employees employed as part of a high school or college co-op program which is part of the employee's educational curricula.

7. Programs which operate to train people with disabilities and which are designated as community rehabilitation programs, work activity centers and/or sheltered workshops.

8. Temporary or seasonal employees.