Procurement Guide

General Information:

1. We request that all vendors first complete the vendor registration prior to introducing their company to a member of the Purchasing Department staff and before contacting other County departments.  Vendors must be registered to receive payment for goods and services. 

2. It is the responsibility of the vendor to provide current product information and notification of any business or billing address, and any other changes. Please submit a W-9 to with updated information.  

3. The County will not pay for any service and/or good exceeding $2,500 unless a Purchase Order has been issued and the appropriate County procedures followed.

4. Product or equipment demonstrations must be arranged through the Purchasing Department.

5. The County reserves the right to request vendor information for qualifying and/or auditing purposes.

6. The County requires that all vendors honor their respective warranties and guarantees, intended or implied.

Bidding Information:

1. Pre-Bid Conferences: The Purchasing Department may schedule mandatory pre-bid conferences, typically for construction projects.  Pre-bid conferences are posted on this website under "Current Bids", in direct notifications emailed to vendors, and may also be advertised in various local newspapers.  Vendors can register to attend by calling the Purchasing Department at (517) 676-7222, no later than two days prior to the time specified.  The Purchasing Department cannot guarantee make-up walkthroughs if a mandatory pre-bid conference is missed.

2. Submission of Bids/Proposals: Bids, quotes, and proposals are assigned a packet number and must be returned to the Purchasing Department prior to the closing date and time specified on the solicitation.  Any response reaching other County offices is considered late unless received in the Purchasing Department prior to the closing date and time.  All sealed bids must be clearly identified with the RFP/ITB number noted on the front of the submission envelope.  All bids are time/date stamped upon receipt and placed in a file, pending the prescribed closing time.  Normally all packets are opened in public at the time specified for closing.  Vendor representation at bid openings is welcome.

3. Advertising of Bids/Proposals: Ingham County posts its solicitations on the Purchasing Department's current bids page of the website if the anticipated cost of the project is over $25,000. 

4. Right of Rejection: The County reserves the right to reject any or all bids, quotes, or proposals, to waive any irregularities, and to make awards deemed to be in the best interest of the County.